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Life seems pretty cozy up here,

Sitting in this nest next to the sky,

My food comes to me every day,

My time seems to quickly fly by.


I love the feeling up here,

In this place built for me,

I think I’ll stay here for a while,

I love my nest’s security.


At times it can be a bit boring,

I don’t care how my time is spent,

For I’m just taking care of me,

I’m living in the age of entitlement.


I deserve the attention that I get,

But there could be a little bit more,

Room service is a little slow,

Time to complain, make an uproar.


I wonder why God gave me wings?

Not very useful I have found,

I use them to help complain,

Squawk a bit and flap around.


Hey! What are you doing to me?

Stop pushing and shoving me around,

If I fall out of this nest right now,

I’ll be killed when I hit the ground.


Boy, you don’t know when to stop!

Leave me alone you scare me so,

I cannot leave this nest at all,

I’m not ready to jump and go.


Hey, I don’t know how to do this,

I don’t know how to begin to fly,

You’re not taking “No” for an answer,

If I jump from here, I’ll surely die!


You pushed me out; I’m falling now!

About flying, I have no clue,

The ground is getting closer quickly,

I’ll mimic what I saw others do.


I’ll spread these wings I’ve never used,

To cushion the blow when I hit,

Wait! Somehow I am rising up,

Wouldn’t have thought of this in a fit.


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