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I indulge my great life,

To the fullest degree,

My creed while alive is:

What’s in it for me?


What thrill do I get now?

Does it fill my heart with glee?

Who really cares about others?

What’s in it for me?


This self–absorbed life,

Is the one I know best,

By feeding my own soul,

I rise above the rest.


Yet I can’t help but think,

There might be more I’m not seeing,

Am I missing out on something,

That would enthral my whole being?


I can’t find more to life,

From anything down here,

I wonder if God would show me,

If to His place I draw near?


Well, it’s worth a try right now,

God knows I’ve done the rest,

I wonder how I’ll react to God,

Will I be fearful or be blessed?


Okay, God, I’m knocking on Your door,

If anyone knows more about life, it’s You,

Inside I feel You must be real,

I want to see a different point of view.


Wow, I sense God’s presence is around,

I have never felt like this before,

This is so freeing and alive to me,

This is just a taste, and I must have more.


I want to be reconciled to You, God,

Please tell me where do I start?

I believe that Jesus came to earth,

To exchange my selfish heart.


I receive this great exchange, Jesus,

Being made new as before God, I stand,

This new reality is enthralling my mind,

I want to walk with You, hand in hand.


I feel I’m transformed into a new being,

The self-absorbed life seems so trite,

A life with You, God, is above the rest,

Help me love You with all my might.


I needed a different creed to live by,

The old one is just sad and spent,

God, I want to walk in Your goodness,

My old selfish creed, I now relent.


Now, this revelation has come to me,

That a change of my creed was overdue,

Each day my greatest fulfilment is to find,

What’s in it for You, God? What’s in it for You?