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Let me describe what freedom is like,

More than a concept, a new life bestowed,

Where your heart’s not sad or encumbered,

And from your deep parts, essence flows.


Like a bird in flight, fly high, kiss the sky,

Exploring, discovering, enthralling and more,

Gaining new perspectives, loving your being,

Uncaged, unrestrained, free to just soar.


We jealously watch the birds in flight,

That we too would have such zest and vigour,

They do what they love, be what they love being,

Their grace and liberty we cherish and adore.


How do we gain the wherewithal we need?

Strong in what we were ever made to be?

Undistracted, uncontrolled, a gift to those near,

Able to go beyond the norm, astound delightfully.


I think we have little capacity to transcend roles,

We need to embrace a divinely empowered existence,

Where the extraordinary is common, fuelled by grace,

Taken to a higher place, Holy presence infused in us.


For a transcendent life is a partnership sweet,

Where divine power flows, wonders now seeing,

Able to complete the tasks set in our souls,

Living in the freedom, destined for our being.