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Standing before the first Gate.


The procession is unrelenting,

Overwhelming sadness fills the air,

Distraught souls with no possible hope,

Trudge through this Gate in utmost despair.


They were given a choice while still alive,

But the time for choosing is now truly past,

Their future now a horrid unending plight,

Where torment and anguish will forever last.


I see their shocked, devastated faces,

Utter dismay; their reality’s now clear,

They chose a path that led them right here,

To an endless nothing, ultimately drear.


They had false hope and were blinded to the truth,

They all came before Majesty, face to face,

The judgement was surprising, a complete shock,

In the end, there was no connection in place.


What could I say? I had no words of comfort!

All I could do was feel my heart bleeding,

The anguish, the torture, the despondency,

As I stood at the Dark Gate just weeping.


Then I was taken to the other Gate.


It was hard to focus in the brilliant light,

The celebration was extreme, the joy immense,

At this Gate, each one embraced with euphoria,

Their hearts on fire; the welcome was intense.



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