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I want to walk in my New Being,

Tell me how again,

I know it’s the only way,

This world for You to win.


My destiny, Your Kingdom,

Now is the time and the hour,

That I live a new life,

One of purpose and power.


But how do I achieve this?

What changes do I make?

How do I please Your heart?

What road do I take?


You’re painting a picture,

Combining three aspects, I see,

Preparing my spirit and soul,

The changes must start in me.


Three aspects You say,

Well, I sure need them all,

By embracing these three,

I will be grounded; stand tall.


The first is to hear Your voice,

Speaking gently to my heart.

Then to obey willingly,

Is the essential start.


For the Ones of Your Kingdom,

Hear Your voice and obey,

They then bring Your Kingdom,

For this is the best way.


The second aspect is crucial,

Walking in divine righteousness,

Where Your love is expressed,

Through acts of loving-kindness.


Right with our Father, His passion, His ways,

Right with You, Jesus, walking together each day,

Right with Holy Spirit, not grieving or quenching,

Righteousness giving great joy along the way.


The third aspect is as important as the rest,

Knowing and living out my new identity,

To be one who is anointed and very blest,

It is the secret to walking in my new liberty.



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