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God, I came here this morning to hear from You,

You see in my heart my pain and sorrow blue,

But I don’t want my agenda; I want Yours,

For Your voice opens unopenable doors.


Don’t want a token blessing to help me on my way,

But Your scintillating Spirit to abide and stay,

For You are the One that thrills me to my core,

Blows out my senses; has me coming back for more.


For it’s Your love that penetrates every part,

Searches the depth of my soul; knows my very heart,

One word from You creates vibrant joy and life,

Lifts me from my lonely perspective and strife.


How’s this possible? Impossible to explain,

Yet when You come to me, I’m revived again,

Wait! There’s a spiritual earthquake happening!

Far beyond what I’ve seen! Wondrously dazzling!


Thrust into a divine place of intense light,

Such enthralling wonder, the glory bright,

This is a mysterious place, great power here,

I’m lost, I’m found, recalibrated, all clear.



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