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I feel so troubled, grumpy, vexed and sore,

When going in and out, I slam the door,

A real pain in the butt to be around,

From my whole being come discouraging sounds.


Can’t seem to shake this awful state,

My brain’s consumed with spite and hate,

These vile thoughts just flood my mind,

Relentless, they’re present all the time.


Is there no relief from the torture I’m in?

How can I help the better thoughts to win?

I feel caught in this torrent through me,

I feel like a victim to pain and misery.


God, help me from this mess I am in,

Change my thinking and put Your peace within,

Come lift me up from this despondent place,

I think I need the thing that You call grace.


Bring what You need to make a wholesale change,

Before more people near me, I estrange,

I do not want to be a slave to spite,

Spitting my poison at all those in my sight.


I feel like a loser with no hope in sight,

Come quickly in Your strength and might,

Lift this despair that plagues me so,

Tell all the troubling thoughts to go.



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