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People have a knowing about unseen things,

There is more to life than what striving can give,

Beyond the basics and excesses, we acquire,

Is a yearning, a need to know, what it means to live.


We seem isolated islands on a far-flung sphere,

Yet the way we’re wired for connection is intense,

Designed to interact, relate to a higher being,

Where the impact in our lives will be immense.


The western mindset clings to sterile logic,

As if our logic can transcend all time,

Yet love and joy belong to our spirit inside,

Found in abundance from a source divine.


The non-western mindset is spiritually aware,

Yet most of their gods are cruel and unreachable,

Endless striving, good luck, and reincarnation,

Seem pointless, uncertain, and nonsensical.


If I were God, how would I choose to connect?

Would I want mindless slaves or sons and daughters?

There is this One, whom I’m sure still seeks us,

He holds the key, to a Heavenly Father.