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Thoughts, impressions, pressure and goads,

Coming at me from an unnatural realm,

None of these menaces are from God’s heart,

They seek to control, belittle and overwhelm.


The good book calls them mid-heaven forces,

Bent on robbing humanity from our destiny,

Pervasive, persuasive, downright formidable,

Not being swayed is near impossible for me.


I wasn’t made for this, not fashioned this way,

To have a cold, uncaring heart, filled with fear,

How do I have a clear, sound mind instead?

How do I make this pressure just disappear?


I’ve heard it said there are three Heavens,

All very different than any of the rest,

For sure I know which one I will choose,

Where I’m at peace and divinely blessed.


A friend said we live in the First Heaven,

Well, it’s easy to say that I know it well,

The world, the creation, all manner of life,

For my years it’s where I physically dwell.


They say the Third Heaven is where God abides,

Where His glory makes a wonder-filled place,

Where love, joy and peace rule each day,

As for fear and sorrow, there is no trace.


The Second Heaven is where the war occurs,

Where the oppressive and deceiving spirits exist,

Seeking to subvert human servitude and life,

To their own perverse ways, get us to enlist.


My friend then said quite a striking, daunting note,

That unless I invite, foster God’s presence, in due course,

That I will, like all the others, will become a fettered slave,

To the oppressive, blinding, tortuous second Heaven force.


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