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Taste Heaven - Gaining Heaven

Gaining Heaven - Album (11 tracks)

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If you could transcend the skies and reach Heaven, what thoughts, feelings or emotions would you experience? And what would you say to God? What would you want Him to communicate to you?

Or would you be so overwhelmed and lost in wonder and awe that you would be dumbfounded? Would the intense revelations of God’s nature, brilliant light, devastating peace, all-conquering mercy, empowering grace, and surpassing glory leave you speechless? Bombarding your senses and thrilling you beyond your ability to cope?

Perhaps a response would come from somewhere deep inside, placed before time and best expressed in songs. Your songs.

Songs that give voice to the unique and extraordinary being that you are. Songs that beautifully express your essence. Songs that flow and merge with those that fill Heaven’s atmosphere. Songs that are you. Songs that help you attain, retain and gain Heaven.

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