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The Boat Crew Speak:


Don’t you know that we are drowning?

About to die very, very soon?

This boat we’re in is doomed for sure,

Water’s filling up all the room.


We’re panicking now; it’s extreme!

We’ve lost all hope we’ll stay alive,

Where’s Jesus? Sleeping in the rear?

Does He not know we won’t survive?


Jesus Awakens:


Well, boys, I see you are in utmost distress,

Why did not you deal with this gale before?

You have authority to calm the storm,

You chose to discount what you had in store.


Peace to the wind! Be still you storm!

You shall not breach our Father’s plan,

There, it’s still, and we’ve arrived here,

At the place where we want to land.


The Boat Crew Again:


Who is this One who stills the storm?

We’ve not seen stuff like this before!

Yet He tells us we’ve missed our chance,

To draw on strength placed in our core.


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