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Fear is not my friend,
He comes and tries to pretend,
That he has power to impart,
But he only gives false starts.

Fear is a coward, I’ve surprisingly found,
When Jesus appears, he’s not around,
He flees when affronted by grace,
Goes back to his darkened place.

Fear has some friends that are around,
None of them bring peace or astound,
No love they bring, not even a trace
They never stand before God’s face.

Fear comes only to lie, cheat and steal,
Pretends to be powerful, but it isn’t real,
He spends his time in bluff and bluster,
Not having the strength that love can muster.

How should I treat him? Do you know?
Should I be frightened and terror show?
I want to overcome this vile fiend,
For he seems ruthless, cruel and mean.

The truth is his fate’s been sealed long ago,
Stripped of power, when love comes, he goes,
My Champion, my Saviour, has defeated this fear,
And Jesus gives strength to all who draw near.

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