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What if God:

… was ‘busting’ to tell you new thrilling things today?

… could hardly wait to show you more of the wonder of you?

… had more of His heart He wanted you to experience?

… had of anointing ready to overwhelm you beautifully?

I think there is.


What if you:

… could do new things today?

… could change to be even more spectacular?

… could lose some of those life-sapping vices?

… were free from tortuous thoughts and self-doubts?

More than perhaps, these are very plausible.


What if your destiny:

…  was calling you on, giving you vision for your tomorrows?

… empowering you to rise up on eagles’ wings?

… unifying your heart, soul and mind in one purpose?

… giving you your reason for being?

It’s already singing your song.


Today there is hope:

… for a better future filled with peace and grace.

… for reconciliation, enabled by God.

… for sorrow and sadness to go.

… for more love to be in your life.


In an instant, joy rushes in, filling your space,

Suddenly peace that passes understanding, rules,

Without warning, kindness abounds,

And God’s presence comes and changes everything.



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