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I need to discover all I can be,
What are the things I’m created for?
I ask You to come and walk with me,
Your love enables me to be much more.

There are distractions to stop my progress,
Fear has many disguises that I abhor,
Shame, anxiety, worry and doubt may come,
But Your love helps me close the door.

To be bold instead of a coward,
Is the calling from You I’m living for,
Help in overcoming is what I ask,
And Your love helps my heart to roar.

Your love enables me to be all I can be,
It helps me to discover my destiny,
It fills me until I can hold no more,
By Your love, I am whole and free.

Your wonder-filled ways call me onward,
Being with You there is much in store,
Yet my heart is fixed on this one thing,
I cherish You and Your love adore.