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A walk with God is unlike all else,

Nothing can come close to this life profound,

No religion or human ideology,

Has His empowering presence which abounds.


Face to face with God in Heaven high,

Beyond a theory or far away sphere,

This moment by moment encounter the norm,

This awe-filled relationship is now, right here!


No religious mumbo-jumbo, no chants,

Not dreamed up and no go-between,

Rather an intimacy, a shared passion,

An unending embrace, joyously serene.


Holy Spirit living inside our very being,

A lasting presence sent by Jesus,

To enable us to achieve our divine destiny,

As He empowers, thrills and delights us.


Not an unknown, universal power,

Not a magic spell or secret force,

But part of the Trinity of Heaven above,

The eternal giver of life’s true source.


Grace is ours to savour and delight,

More than mercy, it’s God’s presence here,

Unlocking creativity and possibilities galore,

Its glory is magnificent, wonder-filled and dear.


A divine destiny has been set before time,

Ours to discover as to God we draw near,

Our ultimate life, becoming a wonder,

By grace’s empowering will quickly appear.


An alignment to how we were fashioned,

One-of-a-kind made divinely unique,

Of the profound future, written in Heaven,

No person could truly articulate or speak.


Supernatural joy in God’s holy presence,

Abounding, uplifting to new heights untold,

Such is the splendour of each adventure,

Partnering with God, seeing miracles unfold.


Rightness with God, and a heart on fire,

God’s great passion burning in our soul,

Bringing His goodness to a planet in need,

As we make His higher ways our great goal.


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