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You speak:

‘Fierce?’ That seems an unusual word to use,

To describe someone who’s a humble friend,

‘He has such compassion, showed us our worth,

To the broken-hearted, their hearts He’d mend.’


My response:

I agree with you in one way, but there’s more,

Jesus did come with compassion and love,

He did show us how to love one another,

And connect with our Father up above.


An aspect of Jesus that I more than admire,

Is that He holds the keys of death and hell,

He has already defeated the powers of evil,

And now in our hearts, He spiritually dwells.


In partnering with Holy Spirit, doing God’s will,

I often come across what evil has cruelly done,

Lies, condemnations, guilt trips and illness,

The battle over these Jesus has already won.


When encountering such things, I play my part,

Speaking in Jesus’ name, I command a change,

It’s like Jesus is with me, urging me on,

To see breakthrough and lives better arranged.


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