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‘Don’t do this!’ ‘Just do that!’ ‘Conform!’

These are the words that grate my spirit,

I’m not a robot, copycat, or just another,

There’s a destiny awaiting; I must get in it.


Underachieving or overachieving, I’m rated daily,

I don’t want their table crumbs or sacks of gold,

Is this pain or kudos what we live for?

I resolve this: my soul will never be sold.


I somehow think there’s unused potential,

In who I am and who I’m meant to be,

I’ll know it when I encounter it, see it, sense it,

My destiny’s way will resound to the core of me.


I need it! I want it! It is why I am here!

To express the deep things of me creatively,

This pathway I must search and follow,

Having a heart on fire and a soul that’s free.


I don’t want to be distracted and caught up,

In powerless religious prayers and chants,

I don’t need to become like a thoughtless sheep,

Violated and forced into a mould by angry rants.


Jesus, You seem quite cool, very together,

And You say. You’re the Way, Truth, and Life,

That’s quite a claim to make, for sure,

Do You still come to us in our toil and strife?



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