Jesus and Trust

Jesus and Trust

Trust may be a four-part process,

Each bit required for trust to be,

They interplay and give insight,

Together form a trust key.


Authenticity is the first process,

Sharing the important things from your heart,

Being open and unveiling your core,

When it comes to trust, this is the best start.


Jesus was dramatically authentic,

Sharing reality of a God-filled lifetime,

Continually in strife with the religious ones,

They sought to kill Him for this great ‘crime’.


The second step is rigorous logic,

Communicated well and understood,

Showing clear intent; cost and/or benefits,

Your points well made, your content: rich and good.


Jesus’ logic seems to be confusing,

He spoke in riddles and veiled mystery,

And yet to those who grew to know Him well,

His words unlocked new life and destiny.

The next part is one of empathy,

Connecting deeply with the hearer’s soul,

Creating a strong bridge from heart to heart,

By going back and forth, make relationships whole.


Well, Jesus really takes the cake,

Emmanuel, God came to dwell,

Tempted in all ways as we are,

Made the ultimate connection and did it well.


The fourth aspect may seem unclear at first,

It’s not discerned by mind, but with the heart,

An intuition and a sense of peace,

These are necessities for trust to start.


Jesus came to be our true friend,

Lead us back to Father God true,

Made a way to be in God’s home,

It’s through the heart that comes breakthrough.


When it comes to Jesus I’ve decided,

He is the ultimate trustworthy one,

I’d entrust my future to no other,

For me it’s settled, my trust He has won.