Where Faith Takes You

I often have wondered why it was stated: ‘Without faith, it is impossible to please God.’ This seems rather harsh, but then something new has come to me. Allegorically speaking, – If God’s driving, there are such phenomenal places to see and experiences to have that I would never have been able even to imagine if I was driving. He has the power, the resources and the passion for unlocking my divinely inspired and empowered destiny. I get to experience this each day.

If only He can take me there, why would I insist on driving? Now translating this into my speak – faith is having the expectation of good and trust in God. And I need to live out that belief. Now, where will this take us? Perhaps it’s time to read the first poem on this short journey.

Faith Partners With Grace

This first poem on this short journey starts very slow, picks up the pace and then ends with a rocket launch into the future. This happens as different aspects of faith and grace are revealed and then woven together. A journey of spiritual awakening to key things that have significant implications both now and for eternity. I hope you enjoy it!

One of the things I love about grace is that as I sense God’s abiding and see His power affect so much in my life, my faith is greatly encouraged. As my faith becomes more alive, it calls me onward to new adventures, new mysteries, and so much more to explore.

‘Believe and trust’ is the proclaimed creed,
Will this hurt? Mess my mind? Will I bleed?
To abandon my cautions seems unwise,
Does faith in God come in another guise?

I like my thinking, my reasoning mind,
Why seek a paradigm of a different kind?
The answer’s plain as the nose on my face,
My reasoning falls short of eternal grace.

I want the security of a Heavenly home,
Won’t damn my soul to aimlessly roam,
But more than that, I want peace with God,
Way ahead of the time, I leave this sod.

Without faith, they say you can’t please God,
To my way of thinking, that seems rather odd,
There must be more, maybe help from above?
For I know in my heart that Father God is love.

So I’ll begin this journey so undefined,
To see what I discover, renew my mind,
Hope is increasing as I begin,
I don’t understand why my face wears a grin.

You say You’re a Rewarder of those who seek,
While I’m already intrigued by the mystique,
It feels like I’m being embraced inside,
My peace and joy I just can’t hide.

Is this part of the reward You promised to give?
Will this become better the longer I live?
What’s this You’re saying, let’s be very clear,
My set divine destiny is about to appear!

You want to empower my passions inside,
My dreams fulfilling as You come to abide,
My talents and abilities are known by You,
With the Spirit’s power, they’ll shine through.

If Your grace is far more than pleasantries,
But You empowering my awesome destiny,
Then let’s ramp up this journey even more,
There is so much ahead and things to explore.

Through faith in You, more favour I’m seeing,
The pace is increasing, wonderfully freeing,
Your unconditional love really helps in my case,
I’m thankful that in You, faith partners with grace.

The Treasure of Faith

Some would say, ‘How preposterous!’. But faith says, ‘Truly stupendous!’ Knowing God, sensing His presence and being in awe of His Spirit alive within our being. This is the ‘divine normal’ for each person on the planet. For too long have we missed out on this phenomenal destiny that has been set for each of us.

Where will faith take us? What mysteries and wonders will we see? Whatever is in the realm of Heaven and in the heart of God. May faith give you an impossibly possible life.

As I listen to others tell of their journeys in faith, my heart comes alive. Hearing of a profound new reality people have walked in thrills me over and over. Relationships reconciled. Fear driven away. Addictions gone. Emotional and physical healings. The revelation of God’s heart and His ways. All good. All journeys enhanced and enabled through faith.

What treasure does faith unlock?
Is it the key to amazing grace?
Does it have power to overcome pain?
Will it lift me up to a higher place?

I think the secret in having faith,
Is the confidence for all my days,
I am in Christ Jesus, and He is in me,
Together we’ll walk in Heaven’s ways.

Through faith, I believe what God can do,
With His awesome all-conquering power,
Through faith, I will see the freedom,
That God upon billions will shower.

There is one thing that delights me the most,
It is through faith that I bring God pleasure!
Walking with Him and knowing His heart,
Is faith’s best gift that I most treasure.

Faith Attracts Grace

When push comes to shove, it’s with the faithful family and friends we find strength, hope and life. It’s not blind faith but an assurance through actions and through time that they are the ones we can rely upon. No matter what.

Faith in God is similar, but it carries a powerful enabling called grace. This really takes faith to a whole new level. It transforms and recalibrates what faith is and where it can take you. Because grace reaches down deep inside and can fix, heal and transform from within. May you experience some of the wonders of grace as you grow in faith. May that transformation be very evident as you carefully work through each line and stanza of this following poem.

Faith is always related to a journey for me. Sometimes my faith grows as I chase hard after God. Other times it’s when I’ve come to the end of my rope. Always, it seems, it’s when I ‘come to myself’ and then go to the One who carries my future in His hand. My faith increases as the journey unfolds.

What is the role of faith today?
To help us have hope within?
Will it fulfil or disappoint?
Be a dead loss, or help us win?

Perhaps the secret key is found in this:-
What we keep our faith in, sees us through,
A lucky pendant? A few holy beads?
Or a lotto ticket which might just do!

I think I like my chances a lot more,
If I believe in one who has come through,
In someone with a record, I can trust,
Not just the new conjecture that’s in view.

Faith in God comes with grace uncharted,
A presence; power that impacts my life,
To lift me up, inspire some hope again,
It helps me overcome my fears and strife.

So, it’s faith, not wishful thinking I want,
The assurance God, that You’re fulfilling more,
Than I can even believe or imagine,
Because You love me to my very core.

Faith Comes With Grace

Faith takes you into God’s realm. There you see, hear and experience spiritually a different reality. One where, from the perspective of eternity, each day here gains much value. Relationships needing to find reconciliation. Fathering and mothering are lifted to two of the most critical roles on the planet. Learning to love is one of the key essences of life. All people were born with a divine destiny waiting for them to discover through faith. And faith will take you to all of these places. And so much more.

The signpost on the road to faith said that ‘without faith, it is impossible to please God.’ Well, I sure could never impress Him with my abilities, so I am delighted that He is more interested in my heart. Faith takes me on a journey where I could never go on my own. And I’m glad to have heeded that signpost because, with faith, I sense His pleasure.

My journey of faith is a challenge,
How do I know which crossroad to take?
Do I play it safe and stay secure?
Perhaps a riskier choice I should make.

If I step out and take a chance,
I could just fall flat on my face,
How embarrassing would that be,
Enduring the shame and disgrace.

But who is it I’m trying to please?
Do I seek applause from the hand of man?
Or do I dwell on doubtful thoughts?
Defeat myself even before I stand?

I think I’ve gotten this all wrong!
Not others or myself I need to please,
But God is the author of my faith,
From applause and doubt, I need release.

How do I find the courage to change?
Where do I go to find more strength?
If I could unlock a power supply,
I would seek that for any length.

God knows my heart and my weakness,
He surely must needed help provide,
Could there be strength already within,
As God said, He has come to abide?

Deep inside, I sense an empowering,
That goes beyond my own strength of will,
God’s Spirit has come to dwell in me,
His presence has brought new potential.

So I will take that road less travelled,
I will seek my God, come before His face,
Come to know what is pleasing to Him,
The secret must be: faith comes with grace.


There certainly is a road called ‘The Journey of Faith’. It has been in existence for a long time, but it seems that not too many people stay on the road. Many start but get distracted. Many are told but cannot see any value in the journey. Wandering aimlessly, living without purpose, just clocking in each day are too often the norm.

I trust that you have discovered and tasted a little of the immense value of the road called ‘The Journey of Faith’. It is the path of life. It is a journey to discover your purpose and divine destiny. It supercharges your dreams, visions and reason for being. It brings you into an encounter and ongoing relationship with the living God. It also guarantees that for eternity, you will be fully alive, awesomely creative, and enjoy God forever.

This is where faith can take you. With much joy and eager anticipation, may you continue your journey of faith.