The Wonder of Divine Love

This journey gives you some glimpses into the greatest topic in the Universe. Divine Love. You are invited to take a multi-dimensional approach, where you understand a little with your mind, delight in the inspiration flowing into your imagination and grasp with your heart the wonder and treasure found in the following descriptive words.

This is what I have experienced about Divine Love:

Not normal. Not the natural response. Very, very different. Outrageous. Not self-protecting. Not humanly logical. Beyond reasonable.

Eminently powerful. Inspired. Inspiring. Strong. Driven. Embracing. Inclusive to all. Non-discriminatory. Freeing. Liberating. Exceedingly helpful. Phenomenal. Life-changing. Otherworldly.

Multi-faceted. Deep. Rich. Beautiful. Godly. Highly desirable. Utterly mind blowing.

Extremely gracious. Wonderfully available. Unpretentious. Joy-filled. Pure. Undefiled. Comforting. Healing. Esteeming. Paradigm-shifting. Spiritually alive. Infused with wonder.

So, let the adventure begin.

Heart Song

Can divine love connect to my inner self? Can it resonate with the passion, energy and joy that makes me come alive? Will God’s love bring forth my heart song?

In the wonder of a heart-to-heart connection, there is the freedom to discover more of the Divine. There is healing for our souls. There we can taste the reason we are alive. There the wonder of destiny begins to unfold. If you want to be lost in inspired, divinely-infused wonder, may this opening poem stir and inspire you. And let your heart begin to sing.

The Good Book says that God is love. And that He eagerly seeks after me. I owe it to myself, my family and my clan to delve into what’s on offer. Perhaps there will be a lot more than I imagined.

Through inspired rhythms and rhymes,
With free-flowing melodies galore,
Your love incites and stirs my spirit,
Calling me to experience more.

Whether adagio or allegro,
A cappella or orchestral roar,
May I be in harmony in Your symphony,
Playing the parts that I’m made for.

The tempo may be fiery or tender,
The key may be minor or major,
An aria, duet or choral ensemble,
Sublime, wonder-filled and far more.

Playing with dolce or great abandon,
You thrill my heart right to the core,
In Your presence, heart songs come alive,
Part of the eternal, joyful uproar.

My Secret Place

What if You could find a place without all the claptrap. A place where you can be still and perhaps connect with a God who really wants to connect with you. Would you go there? Would you make that your special secret place? Would you visit it often? Perhaps it depends on what you discover when you are there. May this poem inspire you to find your own secret place.

A place of raw, uninhibited honesty. Where I can exchange my sorrow for peace. My heartache for divine compassion. My savaged self-esteem for His value of me of infinite worth. These are some of the reasons why I love my secret place.

I go to a place that is wondrous and free,
In this place, I find divine liberty,
A place where God’s presence is real and intense,
The love swirls around; the joy is immense.

No new invitation, I’ve one signed in blood,
I can come as I am, grace comes like a flood,
No whipped up emotions or argument needed,
With His goodness and kindness, I am treated.

I come to this place of refreshment and peace,
My fears and anxieties find their release,
I’m soon lost in wonder and awe once again,
To the delight of my heart, I call God my friend.

A friend who walks with me, strengthens my way,
The power of His love enthrals me each day,
This secret place where we meet face to face,
Has truly become my favourite place.

My Favourite Way

How does God come to us? Which senses do we use to perceive His presence? Is it a knowing, a discerning, a hearing or a seeing that reveals God to us? How will we know if what we sense is real? What steps could we take to progress this discovery process a little faster?

This next poem talks about the various ways we can connect to God. It may be special to linger on each stanza just a little and listen to your heart. Who knows, perhaps a divine connection will start as you still your being to discover more.

I love God’s love. Unconditional love has been a wellspring of life to my soul. Refreshing, cleansing, healing and delighting my whole being. May it be even more so for you.

God comes to me in different ways,
Each one’s unique, awesome and blest.
He zealously shows me His passion,
But there is one way I love the best.

Sometimes expressed as comfort,
Sometimes expressed as love,
Sometimes expressed as unbridled joy,
It all comes from God’s heart above.

God’s love comes as compassion,
Brings comfort and power to heal,
With grace from the heart of the Father,
The impact is profound and real.

God’s joy is felt like a windstorm,
That blows doubts and fears away.
It wreaks havoc on depression,
Bringing hope and peace to stay.

God’s faithfulness comes like a blanket,
Wraps me close and holds me tight.
Safe and secure in His love for me,
I rest at peace in His awesome might.

God’s gentleness softly woos me,
To trust in His grace all the more.
His passion unlocking my future,
With awesome adventures in store.

But for me, I love God’s passion,
His desire for intimacy from above.
He dances and leaps and celebrates me,
I feel undone with His unconditional love.

Love Enables

What will God’s love do? Can it change me? Will it lift me from a random, nebulous life? Will it connect with the deepest things inside of me? Will it unlock a divine destiny set for me? What is the ultimate goal of God’s great love?

Excellent questions! As you come to the end of this short journey, may you have many of your questions at least partially answered. I trust you are sensing more of the awe and wonder of divine love. Now this poem, with some intriguing answers, is waiting for you.

I have seen too much to turn back now. The more I discover, the more my faith calls me to press on even more. I trust your journey into the wonder of divine love is increasingly rich, vibrant and life-changing.

I need to discover all I can be,
What are the things I’m created for?
I ask You to come and walk with me,
Your love enables me to be much more.

There are distractions to stop my progress,
Fear has many disguises that I abhor,
Shame, anxiety, worry and doubt may come,
But Your love helps me close the door.

To be bold instead of a coward,
Is the calling from You I’m living for,
Help in overcoming is what I ask,
And Your love helps my heart to roar.

Your love enables me to be all I can be,
It helps me to discover my destiny,
It fills me until I can hold no more,
By Your love, I am whole and free.

Your wonder-filled ways call me onward,
Being with You there is much in store,
Yet my heart is fixed on this one thing,
I cherish You and Your love adore.


I ventured out into the river and was surprised at how warm and inviting the water actually was. I cautiously took a few more steps and was a little surprised at the water’s insistence to invite me deeper. Outward even further, and I was almost at the point of letting go and swimming. So I did.
The river, warm and strong as it was, was actually delightful to swim in. I was also very buoyant in the water and found it easy to relax and let the river carry me to new places. I saw new things, experienced new wonders, and at all times was refreshed. Why did I hesitate for such a long time before I began exploring this river? I really love the river now.

The river is called Divine Love. It invites you to discover more.