The Joy of God's Goodness

Way beyond karma. In a different universe. God’s goodness comes to us not based on reciprocity (i.e. us doing good things), but rather goodness just flows from God’s nature to us. Just because.

Waking up feeling good to a brand-new day.

As we see all of the beauty around us, we feel a part of the overall Creator’s plan.

As we say, ‘I love you’ to those near, we have a profound sense that we are loved.

As we show kindness to others, we sense a flowing of divine grace through us.

As we are thankful for all that we have, we sense God saying, ‘You’re welcome – my pleasure, I love providing for you.’.

As we enjoy being alive, we sense God’s Spirit dancing within us.

God’s goodness. Pure, intentional, freely given, good.

This short journey into God’s goodness is packed with words, thoughts and treasured experiences. Hopefully, they will unlock a little more, give you a glimpse, and invite you to discover more of the joy and wonder found in God’s goodness.

I Stand

There is an intriguing interplay that weaves together mercy, grace and goodness. Perhaps it is God’s goodness that sets this all up. Because of His goodness, mercy is all around. We do not receive the punishment, bad karma or God’s rejection when we muck up. As we approach Him with a contrite heart, He is always more than ready to clear the slate, offer forgiveness and welcome us to Himself. Yet God’s goodness goes way beyond any human comprehension, leading us to a truly divine attribute.

This is what differentiates God from all others. It is called grace. Grace is where we receive God’s favour. It is where we are given both small and great, temporary or eternal benefits. Grace is where divine joy, love, compassion, acceptance, kindness, hope, faith, right standing before God, and goodness all flow to us.

This first poem on this short journey speaks of many of these benefits. May the power, mercy and grace of God’s goodness be unlocked/revealed/found a little more as you read through each stanza.

The foundation for trusting God has been experiencing His goodness. That has led me to the point of increasing expectations of further goodness. Maybe that is a secret to a growing faith.

When confusion seems to be all around,
There is no peace or hope in sight,
I call out to You and find much relief,
Once again, I stand in Your might.

When friends leave me all alone,
When terror comes to give me a fright,
You come in power and torment must flee,
Once again, I stand in Your might.

When I slip and fall and put to shame,
I feel the sting of the torturer’s bite,
You come as a Redeemer and forgive me again,
Once again, I stand in Your might.

You’ve raised me up to be with You,
Told me I’m Your treasure and delight,
I fall before You yet You lift me up,
Once again, I stand in Your might.

What's In It?

What would it be like if every day God would come to visit, and you both went for a walk? How would you feel? What would you talk about? Might it change you for the better?

This next poem talks of such a visit and walk. Starting with a self-absorbed mindset, a different approach to life is on offer. I hope you enjoy it.

I now rely on daily divine walks. Some of them are short, others necessarily much longer. They help me recalibrate my heart.

I indulge my great life,
To the fullest degree,
My creed while alive is:
What’s in it for me?

What thrill do I get now?
Does it fill my heart with glee?
Who really cares about others?
What’s in it for me?

This self–absorbed life,
Is the one I know best,
By feeding my own soul,
I rise above the rest.

Yet I can’t help but think,
There might be more I’m not seeing,
Am I missing out on something,
That would enthral my whole being?

I can’t find more to life,
From anything down here,
I wonder if God would show me,
If to His place I draw near?

Well, it’s worth a try right now,
God knows I’ve done the rest,
I wonder how I’ll react to God,
Will I be fearful or be blessed?

Okay, God, I’m knocking on Your door,
If anyone knows more about life, it’s You,
Inside I feel You must be real,
I want to see a different point of view.

Wow, I sense God’s presence is around,
I have never felt like this before,
This is so freeing and alive to me,
This is just a taste, and I must have more.

I want to be reconciled to You, God,
Please tell me where do I start?
I believe that Jesus came to earth,
To exchange my selfish heart.

I receive this great exchange, Jesus,
Being made new as before God, I stand,
This new reality is enthralling my mind,
I want to walk with You, hand in hand.

I feel I’m transformed into a new being,
The self-absorbed life seems so trite,
A life with You, God, is above the rest,
Help me love You with all my might.

I needed a different creed to live by,
The old one is just sad and spent,
God, I want to walk in Your goodness,
My old selfish creed, I now relent.

Now, this revelation has come to me,
That a change of my creed was overdue,
Each day my greatest fulfilment is to find,
What’s in it for You, God? What’s in it for You?

Joy Comes In

There comes the point for most of us when we realize we cannot control the universe and all of the forces around us. Try as we might; it proves too difficult. It’s in letting go that we make room for spiritual insight into wonder-filled divine goodness that comes our way. Perhaps there is a divine order after all. Could it be that God wants to show His goodness to us in greater measure?

This next poem talks of what a person, who has come to that point of spiritual awareness, is discovering. Perhaps it is for you as well.

The reason I love the picture with this poem is expressed with the phrase, ‘There! Finally, this troubling issue is gone!’ And as an act of triumph, the person kicks away the issue. What a relief! The torture is over! Should it dare to reappear, it will be kicked away again. ‘I will never again be robbed of God’s life-changing goodness and the great joy it brings!’

Joy sneaks in, disrupting my pain,
Causing my heart to refocus again,
Upon the One who broke pain’s power,
Helps me overcome and not to cower.

Joy runs in thumping victimhood,
The cruel lies are unveiled and understood,
Lifting my gaze, I am seated above,
Been made a victor by the Champion of Love.

Joy rushes in to dispel all fear,
Its power is broken over me right here,
More than a conqueror, I am now free,
To dance with joy through eternity.

So who is the author of this joy sublime?
Is it the One who is truly divine?
It is Jesus, the Champion and King!
He is the One of whose joy I sing!


Some dictionaries define goodness as the ‘the best or most valuable part of anything’ and ‘that which is virtuous and admirable’. These attributes are desirable in themselves. The significant difference with God’s goodness is that it comes with the power to affect significant change. As we are the beneficiaries of these very positive changes, it is not surprising that divine joy accompanies divine goodness.

The Good Book says, ‘eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it even entered into a human heart, all of the things God has in readiness for those who love Him.’ (I Corinthians 2:9). To me, this says that there is still a vast amount of God’s goodness that we have barely begun to discover. May you have much joy as your journey of discovery continues.