Spiritual Awakening book - Now available!

Ever feel that there must be more to life than what you’ve experienced?

There are too many deep things inside that you need to give expression. Unfulfilled desires. Unspoken deep things of the heart. Unreconciled relationship issues. Perhaps even a peaceful, respectful connection to the divine. Lord knows we could all use some help at times.

Well, this book is for you. Broken into five chapters, each chapter is a journey of discovery following a specific topic. Starting with New Choices, this journey begins to unlock new options to consider and seize.

Chapter two, Fleeing Boredom, talks about not getting stuck or entangled in old habits, unhelpful things or powerless religion. Coming up for fresh air.

The third chapter is called Lifting Off, Gaining Air, and this journey shows you a lot more of what is possible, of what could be.

In the fourth chapter, Liberty At Lat, the afterburners are ignited, and the journey has you soaring in wonder and awe.

Finally, the fifth chapter, A Whole New World, shows you how to live out life being spiritually alive, connecting to the deep things inside and having a heart on fire.

Through poems and prose Ken Alex helps you to connect to both your spirit and Holy Spirit. It’s an opportunity not to miss as you unlock all aspects of who you were made to be.

The ebook, and printed books are now available from Amazon online. Book links: amazon.com.au or internationally via amazon.com

View a free example video reading of book chapter 1 on YouTube - by author: Ken Alex

Taste Heaven YouTube Channel

The following example poems are included in the Spiritual Awakening book - which has 5 chapters, with over 60 poems and respective introductions.