Taste Heaven

I Can Tell You’ve Been With The Creator

There is something quite striking as I see you today,

An assurance, a calmness is well on display,

Your demeanour has changed; you seem free,

Tell me more now, for I love what I now see.


You’ve been recalibrated, reset on the inside,

Released from your baggage, peace now abides,

You’ve reconnected to your unique destiny,

Your mind, heart and spirit are now in unity.


Your grin reveals the secret to this change,

How did this happen? What’s rearranged?

Well, it’s pretty easy to see the answer,

The transformation came through an encounter.

The peace you display passes understanding,

The joy in your eyes is just so outstanding,

The fire in your heart is burning bright,

Your passion is infused with divine might.


I know the reason why all this is new,

You’ve been to a place and gained a new view,

But more than that, the source of what matters,

I can see you’ve been with the Creator.