Taste Heaven

What Spirit?

Your words to me are cruel, intense,

The effect they have could be immense,

It’s very easy to take great offence,

What spiteful spirit are you of?


You speak with overtones of despair,

A despondency hangs in the air,

But God will send help! He does care!

Please discern what spirit you are of.


The things you say are religious in the extreme,

Is mindless servitude, appearing good, what you deem?

This will never fulfil any of our dreams,

I sure don’t like this spirit that you’re of.

This truth will shape our unique history,

Whether we embrace or throw away destiny,

Whether we bring pleasure to our Majesty,

Depends if God’s Spirit is what we are of.


We’re called to partner with Holy Spirit,

To live out life with Godly presence in it,

To bring God’s glory to earth without limit,

Depending on the spirit we are of.