Taste Heaven

Heavenly Joy!

Feel the intense exhilaration!

Wonderfully pure, sweet elation,

Soaring wild and free,

Divine liberty,

Flying in tight formation.


Clouds of confusion dispel, senses freeing,

Wonders unfolding, new things now seeing,

Revelation from above,

Things only ever dreamed of,

Life-giving and surreal wellbeing.


All the pain dissolving, your heart now healing,

Transformation happens, new life you’re breathing,

Fear’s grip now ends,

A sound mind again,

Faith and revelation lift you to a higher being.

Infused with divine power in every cell,

How this can be, no one can tell,

Living in mystery,

Unlocking destiny,

Glory increasing, God’s come to dwell.


Your purpose, His plan, your reason for being,

All come together in this glory you’re seeing,

You’re finally home,

Never need to roam,

This is pure Heavenly joy you’re receiving.