Taste Heaven

You’ve Got To Show Your Kids

Your kids look to you; they need your care,

Find great joy in the things you share,

Yet how can you unlock their destiny?

As they spread their wings, what will they be?


You’ve done the basics, called the three “P’s”,

Protect, provide, and give purpose fittingly,

How can you set them up with traction?

To be all they can be with great satisfaction?


Now, this will take courage, to show this way,

It’s not common or what’s on display,

The way they should go and never depart.

It’s a way that embraces life from the heart.


Show them God’s ways, not just your own,

To prepare them for greatness, wherever they roam,

God calls each one to be His son or daughter,

Not a religious slave or powerless pauper.

Show them the authority you have through grace,

Teach them to approach God, face to face,

That your kids would always walk in connection,

A life with God, with compassion and protection.


They have a spiritual inheritance from you,

That will enable them to follow through,

To unlock their own gifting and revelation,

Knowing God’s favour and rich salvation.


Teach them royalty, to serve as they reign,

Seeking to please God, they’ll attain great gain,

For God’s ways are majestic, filled with wonder,

They have a part in blowing evil works asunder.


So, parents and grandparents, this is your call,

To prepare these for wonder that will enthral,

Your kids are destined to shape history in a special way,

And we get to rejoice as we love them each day.