There is More

There is More

I have a groaning, a pain inside,

It’s like something needs to connect, not hide,

What’s really there?

Will people stare?

When the deep things are first described?


More than a desire, it needs to be free,

As I feel and sense it coming with speed,

For it’s a key part,

From within my heart,

Read my destiny; this is on that screed.


There are times when I catch a glimpse,

A song, a poem, a phrase on one’s lips,

I know it then,

I want it again,

Yet too often the connection fads or slips.


There must be something deep in my core,

That goads me on to seek all the more,

I must not fail,

I need to prevail,

Until I find that place, sphere or realm’s door.

Two markers will prudently guide my way,

The first is truth, on that path I must stay,

I want only reality,

Not what others want for me,

Unless my heart aligns, they’re only passé.


The second marker is when I come alive,

No need to force or to insanely strive,

A natural, just-me fit,

With creativity in it,

Where the buzz of excitement is a beehive.


God, I sense this is what You made me for,

Please now walk with me and unlock that door,

I’m ready for the change,

My life to rearrange,

I have a sense I’ll be enthralled to my core.