Taste Heaven

You Cannot Be Yourself

“Not possible. Incomplete. Not able to.”

This sounds preposterous! This won’t do!

Surely this must be a design flaw extreme,

That I can’t live out my hopes and dreams!


Be more specific. Angel, I must know this,

My profound destiny, I dare not miss!

“Like a phone without a battery is dead,

Lack of empowering is fatal instead.”


“Not even able to imagine what can be,

Of a life encased in wonder and mystery,

But in frustration, blinded to reality,

Not soaring, exploring, attaining, being free.”


“Missing the wonder of holding eternity,

The exhilaration found in realms of creativity,

The complete assurance of divine peace,

From anxiety and fear overwhelming release.”


“Unable to take your place in God’s family,

No face-to-face encounters a normal reality,

No infusion with Holy Spirit’s power,

Not alive to God’s passion in every hour.”

So, I pleaded with the angel, “Show me more!”

“I must overcome this tragedy!” I did implore,

“For I’ve come to myself, I see my great need,

Give me the answers, your word, I’ll heed!”


“You cannot be yourself without God’s Spirit,

You’re designed to be fully you, only with Him in it,

Your own strength, ability, and efforts are great,

But you need divine connection, not hopeless fate.”


“Well, if I’m designed for so much more,

Then let’s go through that destiny’s door,

For since I’m fashioned for fulfilment supreme,

I want that connection and all that it means.”


The angel then told me, “Simply open your heart,

Seek honestly after Jesus; He gives fresh starts.”

I did that. I found God. His love He cascades,

I’ll be fully myself, be all that God’s made.