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This book connects with you in a variety of ways, engaging your heart, mind and spirit.

The abundance of captivating pictures and flowing rhymes seek to stimulate your heart. The descriptive prose, with numerous personal examples, foster intrigue to your mind and provide fuel for your imagination. And the inspired phrases and perspectives are intended to lift your spirit.

There are fresh new insights into living an inspired and empowered life. Explore divine peace. Ditch powerless religion. Discover the wonder of grace. Share your pain. Find joy. Move up higher. Help your children unlock their destiny. And enjoy some divine help along the way.

By connecting with you in a variety of ways, this book invites you to begin a journey. By sharing my experiences, I hope you will gain some helpful life-changing perspectives.

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Book Introduction

How often does the opportunity come along to gain a different and potentially life- changing perspective? A chance to get lost in wonder? To hear words that seem impossibly too good to be true? To begin experiencing the freshness, awe and joy of an inspired life? To have your heart stirred afresh.

We all live our life based on a worldview gained through our formative years. Playing key influential roles have been those near or on the screens. View-of-reality formation involved a myriad of experiences in our diverse environments. Exploring, probing, enquiring, searching, discovering. Sometimes thinking there is nothing else, or sense there is more that we haven’t yet unlocked or explored. And how do destiny and God fit in all of this?

Hopefully, you will find some inner stirring or answers in this journey that lies ahead. Let me share some new things and give you a few fresh perspectives. May you love the intriguing spiritual insights and inspiration along the way.

Let’s tackle some of the most important issues in life. Explore what Divine peace could be. Ditch powerless religion. Discover what grace is and how it can impact our life. Get seized by Heavenly joy. Step up higher to see what is possible. Begin to unlock some wonderful aspects of God’s truth.

Having made it through the first six topics is a critical prerequisite for the rest of the journey. Learn more of God’s plan to recreate humanity into a new creation. View some powerful insights into what is possible for our children’s destiny. Find some help in overcoming the hard things that we have faced. Finally, catch a glimpse and be inspired by Heaven’s visionary, Jesus.

So, let’s get going. The journey awaits for you to begin and discover more.

Ken Alex

The following example poems are included in the Discover More book - which has 10 chapters, with over 100 poems and respective introductions.