Taste Heaven

What’s the Key to My Heart?

Is it creature comfort – whether food or things,

Keeping me distracted from deeper issues?

Allows my overindulgence another fling,

Ignoring the need for true heart riches?


The food is outrageous, quantity enormous,

How I fit it all in seems quite preposterous,

Mind you, the waistline undoubtedly has grown,

Just a little bit, OK, it’s actually outrageous.


Then there are these toys that I love so,

The cars, the house and all of the clothes,

All status symbols to prove I’m on top,

With these trophies, everyone now knows.


But none of these things connects inside,

To deeper dissatisfied parts of me,

What do I long for? What must I gain?

Is there a destiny linked to eternity?

Don’t want a powerless religious game,

Or a mindfulness soulish tirade,

I need to transcend all of these ruses,

Relate to someone who knows how I’m made.


It seems to me, this search has already been done,

By billions of others, yet what have they found?

I see little evidence of power and grace,

Though adherents, followers and fans abound.


I’ve heard that God holds some keys. I’ll go direct,

The Good Book says to boldly approach the throne,

I need to find the unique key to my heart,

And with that key, make destiny my own.


Could it be the profound Master Locksmith,

Is none other than my being’s Creator?

If He fashioned me in a unique one-off way,

Then He’d have the right key to my heart’s door.

This seems strangely appealing, old but new,

Like I’m getting back to something in my past,

Could it be I’m connecting with my inner self?

Is God now unlocking my heart at last?


The peace that floods in dispels all fear,

There’s an invitation to discover more,

Sensing God’s presence growing right here,

My heart is alive and my spirit wants to soar!


The deep things from within now come to the fore,

It’s as if God has been waiting for me to knock,

My head starts to spin with wonder-filled thoughts,

His love is the key that my heart unlocks.


I’ll take the chance for an eternal dance,

Where I’ll align to the Designer’s plan,

He’s promised great hope for eternity,

In an unlocked future, I’ll forever stand.