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My Dad’s not too motivated; my Mum’s on the couch,

Between their phone and streaming, there’s little else,

The sad part is everyone’s doing the same,

For me, that’s insidious and totally lame.


I’ve got too much fire in my soul just to sit,

There’s intense stirring; my spirit’s in a fit,

A zombied spectator I’ll never be,

Missing out on life and an awesome destiny.


God’s promise to each person here on earth,

Is that He’d unlock their future and their worth,

Empower them by His Spirit to do great things,

Where their hearts are alive, and their spirit sings.


That’s for me! I want it! I’ll pay the price,

Not be a slave to my phone, streaming or vice,

I’ll get to know this God, whose name is Love,

And live out that life that He’s written above.


For if God is that way, I’ll cherish Him so,

We’ll travel together, and friendship grow,

Yet beyond my efforts and wherever I roam,

I believe God’s heart will be my true home.


Now I’ve set in my heart this way to go,

Already discovering more than I know,

I’m already tasting fresh liberty,

The path is unfolding to my destiny.


In God’s presence, I feel His intense love,

Alive to how I was created above,

God’s bursting to share more wonder-filled things,

There is awe-filled joy in all that He brings.


This is the life I knew was set for me,

Where I’m alive to God and my heart is free,

Creatively being all that I am,

Fulfilling my purpose as before God, I stand.