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Fear has lost its worrisome way,

Despair is now in deep sorrow,

Grief has suffered a power loss,

Hope has come for a better tomorrow.


Gossip is now lost for all words,

Offence is just boringly drear,

Hatred has been sidelined once more,

Better choices are becoming clear.


The fog is rolling back at pace,

New ways of life are becoming plain,

The lies of vice become revealed,

Losing its grip as its power wanes.


Now light is breaking out so very fast,

As clear and glorious as  bright new days,

There’s great joy sweeping across the world,

As people are discovering much better ways.


God’s love is seen as a smooth healing balm,

It’s bringing cool refreshing far and near,

With reconciliation in its wake,

It draws together all those who are dear.


Great gratitude is seizing hearts of men,

Removing bitterness and giving peace,

A tidal wave of kind forgiveness comes,

And from much torment, now there is release.


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