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Not made randomly, but divinely fashioned,

Every aspect, each talent, designed with passion,

Hard wired for connection, especially in spirit,

Set for an abundant life, with wonder in it.


Let’s look at God’s heart, see His intent,

How much do you matter? What’s been spent?

In the pursuit of you, God does not relent,

So vital your love, He risked having Heaven rent.


Consider these things, yet there’s much more,

Each day God has many new things in store,

His daily thoughts of you outnumber the sand,

In His great love for you, great things are planned.


Want to travel the cosmos, explore each part?

See sunrises on new planets as each day starts?

Visit each star; God knows them all by name,

Every day new wonders, never the same.


God’s Spirit comes to infuse you with power,

To fulfil your destiny, you’ll see favour shower,

But the best part of the journey is just this,

You’re God’s favourite; it leads to much bliss.


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