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Giving Hope

There is a hope that exists, can shift things and is available to all. It is divinely empowered and can reach the most desperate physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual places.

It has resolution ability. Its power can transform hopeless mindsets, give insight into current realities, and dramatically shift atmospheres and circumstances. Things cannot stay the same when this hope comes.

It values each individual beyond what they could imagine. A value that is not based on the opinions of others, social media, dark thoughts, a person’s past, vices, successes, failures or their profession, but what has already been divinely decreed and written.

Both gripable and gripping. Both gentle and powerful. Both peaceful and victorious.

It comes as a sunrise to your soul. The hope pierces through the darkness and begins to warm your inner being. It subdues and dismantles the tortuous oppression and brings a peace that passes understanding. It infuses the individual with value and connects to majestic strength.

Going beyond understanding, it reaches to the core of your being. Things, paradigms, and mindsets shift.

This hope is also linked to a much better future and, ultimately, an amazing, wonder-filled eternity.

Hope says:

You will make it through. You will experience better days. You are of infinite value. You are worth fighting for. Your better future is my mission. I want you to be the best you can be.

Giving Hope

Read more about this hope. Every poem, song, essential spiritual odyssey, videoaudiobook, spiritual firework, e-journey and book speaks of this hope in many, many different ways.

It all exists for you to discover, benefit from and enjoy.