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‘Believe and trust’ is the proclaimed creed,

Will this hurt? Mess my mind? Will I bleed?

To abandon my cautions seems unwise,

Does faith in God come in another guise?


I like my thinking, my reasoning mind,

Why seek a paradigm of a different kind?

The answer’s plain as the nose on my face,

My reasoning falls short of eternal grace.


I want the security of a Heavenly home,

Won’t damn my soul to aimlessly roam,

But more than that, I want peace with God,

Way ahead of the time I leave this sod.


Without faith, they say you can’t please God,

To my way of thinking, that seems rather odd,

There must be more, maybe help from above?

For I know in my heart that Father God is love.


So I’ll begin this journey so undefined,

To see what I discover, renew my mind,

Hope is increasing as I begin,

I don’t understand why my face wears a grin.


You say You’re a Rewarder of those who seek,

While I’m already intrigued by the mystique,

It feels like I’m being embraced inside,

My peace and joy I just can’t hide.


Is this part of the reward You promised to give?

Will this become better the longer I live?

What’s this You’re saying, let’s be very clear,

My set divine destiny is about to appear!


You want to empower my passions inside,

My dreams fulfilling as You come to abide,

My talents and abilities are known by You,

With the Spirit’s power, they’ll shine through.


If Your grace is far more than pleasantries,

But You empowering my awesome destiny,

Then let’s ramp up this journey even more,

There is so much ahead and things to explore.


Through faith in You, more favour I’m seeing,

The pace is increasing, wonderfully freeing,

Your unconditional love really helps in my case,

I’m thankful that in You, faith partners with grace.