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‘Believe and trust’ is the proclaimed creed,

Will this hurt? Mess my mind? Will I bleed?

To abandon my cautions seems unwise,

Does faith in God come in another guise?


I like my thinking, my reasoning mind,

Why seek a paradigm of a different kind?

The answer’s plain as the nose on my face,

My reasoning falls short of eternal grace.


I want the security of a Heavenly home,

Won’t damn my soul to aimlessly roam,

But more than that, I want peace with God,

Way ahead of the time I leave this sod.


Without faith, they say you can’t please God,

To my way of thinking, that seems rather odd,

There must be more, maybe help from above?

For I know in my heart that Father God is love.


So I’ll begin this journey so undefined,

To see what I discover, renew my mind,

Hope is increasing as I begin,

I don’t understand why my face wears a grin.


You say You’re a Rewarder of those who seek,

While I’m already intrigued by the mystique,

It feels like I’m being embraced inside,

My peace and joy I just can’t hide.


Is this part of the reward You promised to give?

Will this become better the longer I live?

What’s this You’re saying, let’s be very clear,

My set divine destiny is about to appear!



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