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My journey of faith is a challenge,

How do I know which crossroad to take?

Do I play it safe and stay secure?

Perhaps a riskier choice I should make.


If I step out and take a chance,

I could just fall flat on my face,

How embarrassing would that be,

Enduring the shame and disgrace.


But who is it I’m trying to please?

Do I seek applause from the hand of man?

Or do I dwell on doubtful thoughts?

Defeat myself even before I stand?


I think I’ve gotten this all wrong!

Not others or myself I need to please,

But God is the author of my faith,

From applause and doubt, I need release.


How do I find the courage to change?

Where do I go to find more strength?

If I could unlock a power supply,

I would seek that for any length.


God knows my heart and my weakness,

He surely must needed help provide,

Could there be strength already within,

As God said, He has come to abide?


Deep inside, I sense an empowering,

That goes beyond my own strength of will,

God’s Spirit has come to dwell in me,

His presence has brought new potential.


So I will take that road less travelled,

I will seek my God, come before His face,

Come to know what is pleasing to Him,

The secret must be: faith comes with grace.