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I went to a wonder-filled place last night,

I cannot remember seeing such before,

Even the walls were translucent and bright,

Yet my heart knew there was way more in store.


I walked around the portico and porch,

Met with great delight other ones of light,

Also transfigured, they too glowed like me,

Peaceful, powerful, in wonder of Might.


Beyond being on fire, my heart was alive,

Sensing the Mighty One’s presence near,

Enveloped in more than wonder or awe,

Utter ecstasy knowing God was here.


I had come from my physical being,

Where some sickness had been troubling my soul,

That lifted as my spirit was now in this place,

The normal of Heaven was for me to be whole.


I was approaching the Throne Room quickly,

The radiance seemed almost blinding white,

The glory of God was increasing fast,

I was drawn to the One known as Pure Light.


Words now fail to convey anything close,

To my encounter with Majesty on High,

I could mumble some pitiful lame phrases,

Try to describe soaring and kissing the sky.


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