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Spiritual Awakening book

Chapter 3 – Lifting Off, Gaining Air

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OK, you want to experience more of this new reality. The reality where you can sense, discern or feel in your heart a greater spiritual dimension. Where love, creativity, and joy are inspired.

Where faith seems more natural and relying on God is both fulfilling and a relief. (You don’t have to run the universe.) Where grace is being revealed, and you have been emboldened to draw a little closer to God. This all sounds good.

Spiritual Awakening – Lifting Off, Gaining Air is about embracing a lifestyle of being more of who you were made to be. Loving a little more the wonder of who you are….

Your purchase will display and email you a link for a private YouTube video of me reading the Spiritual Awakening book – Chapter 3 – introduction, 12 poems and their introductions, plus a waypoint conclusion. 

Thank you, Ken Alex.