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Spiritual Awakening Chapter 2: Fleeing Boredom – YouTube video Link

Spiritual Awakening book

Chapter 2 – Fleeing Boredom

YouTube video

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Fleeing boredom. What an excellent concept. Except where do you find the motivation, energy and encouragement needed? And what do you flee to? What is there to embrace to ensure boredom doesn’t catch up, tie you up and drag you back to the Boring and Hopeless Prison Cell?

This journey of being free from boredom starts with embracing the current reality, being honest about the frustrations in that reality, and then seeking until you find the necessary help to change. The poems in this journey progressively unlock potential for the future through helping your desire to change and some divine help to make the change…..

Your purchase will display and email you a link for a private YouTube video of me reading the Spiritual Awakening book – Chapter 2 – introduction, 12 poems and their introductions, plus a waypoint conclusion. 

Thank you, Ken Alex.