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Blog post articles about my core values – Distinctives, plus other Inspired articles. Ken Alex

Giving Hope Giving HopeDistinctives

Giving Hope

Giving Hope There is a hope that exists, can shift things and is available to all. It is divinely empowered and can reach the most desperate physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual places. It has…
Ken Alex
May 8, 2023
Wonder WonderDistinctives


Wonder This wonder takes you on a journey. It is a journey beyond just discovery. A journey where you are changed to be able to experience more, see farther, plumb deeper, and fly much…
Ken Alex
May 8, 2023
Divine Destiny Divine DestinyDistinctives

Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny Preposterously ridiculous or phenomenally real? Wildly imaginary or wonderfully tangible? The existence of divine destiny may seem impossible. It may seem too good to be true or too scary to be trusted.…
Ken Alex
May 10, 2023
New Creation New CreationDistinctives

New Creation

Never seen before. A new prototype, never having existed before. Unprecedented, all-new, radical, revolutionary. Completely different from what was before. Dramatically and significantly distinct from what was. A new creation. This unimagined, incomprehensible, almost…
Ken Alex
May 15, 2023