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What does it mean to have these three?

God’s love, His power, and a sound mind?

It means I can be fully me,

God’s pleasure and my fulfilment find.


It means I live a life that’s free,

Not enslaved to immoral passion.

Not tortured by distressing thoughts,

But a life I, with God, can fashion.


A life of freedom as I walk with God,

Not lost to the future or trapped in the past.

Being with Him ‘in the now’ lights the way,

A life of wonder that will forever last.


Love that surpasses my weak, frail efforts,

Bringing a surge of God’s great power,

Love that lifts other souls on high,

Instilling hope as kindness showers.


Divine power infuses both heart and mind,

Leaves others musing and feeling some awe,

For it speaks of a hidden reality,

Beyond what they profoundly saw.


Soundness comes as my foundation’s sure,

Not living my life to some humanistic fad,

Having a connection to God’s clear thinking,

Where I’m secure and eternally glad.



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