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My Secret Place

What if You could find a place without all the claptrap. A place where you can be still and perhaps connect with a God who really wants to connect with you. Would you go there? Would you make that your special secret place? Would you visit it often? Perhaps it depends on what you discover when you are there. May this poem inspire you to find your own secret place.

A place of raw, uninhibited honesty. Where I can exchange my sorrow for peace. My heartache for divine compassion. My savaged self-esteem for His value of me of infinite worth. These are some of the reasons why I love my secret place.

I go to a place that is wondrous and free,
In this place, I find divine liberty,
A place where God’s presence is real and intense,
The love swirls around; the joy is immense.

No new invitation, I’ve one signed in blood,
I can come as I am, grace comes like a flood,
No whipped up emotions or argument needed,
With His goodness and kindness, I am treated.

I come to this place of refreshment and peace,
My fears and anxieties find their release,
I’m soon lost in wonder and awe once again,
To the delight of my heart, I call God my friend.

A friend who walks with me, strengthens my way,
The power of His love enthrals me each day,
This secret place where we meet face to face,
Has truly become my favourite place.


by Ken Alex

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Ken Alex

My journey of spiritual discovery began when I was very young, perhaps only six years old… and what happened then, continued throughout my life… where I have been surprised and delighted – suddenly, unexpectedly, wonderfully.

This collection of works has come through many of those unexpected times, but also through various other situations where I have positioned myself just to listen.

I pray that what I have experienced and heard may be an inspiration to you.

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